Carment solution allows you to manage speedy payments by using either Carment online portal or Carment Embedded Seamless Payments (ESP) right inside your existing tools such as:
Carment Embedded Finance
Dealer Management System (DMS)
Customer Relationship Managment System (CRM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
How to enable Carment
To enable Carment Embedded Seamless Payments (ESP) you just need to integrate Carment APIs.
The integration process is straightforward by using our API reference documentation. It takes 1-2 days to complete all required flows.
Even if Carment Embedded Seamless Payments are active, you can still enjoy using Carment Online portal.
All options are still available no matter which flow you use:
Online flow
All transactions and actions on 100% Carment Online Portal
Embedded flow
All required actions and data are available directly in your existing tools
Mix flow
All transctions are initiated within your internal system, but for Payments Review and Approval you choose Carment Online Portal including the Carment Robust Reporting
Carment Embedded Seamless Payments (ESP) are available for all software Automotive industry partners.
Our payments can be integrated within your service or tools. You choose the best approach :
Carment Embedded Seamless Payments (ESP)
an additional plugin
a standalone module
an extension
By establishing a partnership with Carment, you get the complete procedure:
To onboard existing / new dealers
via the approved Customer Due Dillegence process, which includes KYB/KYC
To activate payments transactions immediately
once CDD is verified
If you are interested to know more
please, schedule a quick demo with us